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Now it's being sold as a mainstream beverage at Starbucks in California. People likely end up having more than one at a time.

Fancy if one of the customers came back with a stomach problem in a few years, they would malign turmeric and possibly ban it medically. In the popular movie, Oceans' Thirteen, Brad Pitt's character Rusty Ryan says to Elliot Gould's character Reuben, And that is where holistic living, loses a battle to reductionism. As a society, we are very advanced in technology, today.

More than love and compassion, the world needs understanding of how people evolve. Truth is Universal Ever wondered why Christmas falls on the 25th of December yet is a different day every year?

Similarly in the , you can barely, not even willingly, harm a fly, let alone kill a human. A lot of unrest that we see across the world today, leading to personal anxiety and unhappiness, is a result of lack of our own understanding. The more we delve into the wisdom of the Swastika, the better we become as a collective, and happier as individuals.

From a different perspective, the history we were taught was very war centric.

No mention or explanation of the wisdom, arts and culture, latent in the Indian civilization.

has been used as an analgesic in the Indian households, since time immemorial.

Conventional wisdom also says that excessive use of anything, including turmeric, is harmful.

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One learns a natural Indian language in the surroundings one is born in, absolutely FREE. When I speak to my British or American friends, most of them like to read History books in their spare time.

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